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Background of IASEC

    Shanghai Jiao Tong University boasts a long history and brilliant achievements in humanities studies. Over the past century, or more exactly 115 years since it was founded, SJTU has paid close attention to studies in humanities on the basis of both cutting-edge philosophies and practical approaches. By virtue of an enviable number of philosophers and educationalists, such as Tang Wenzhi and Cai Yuanpei, SJTU has nurtured a huge group of cultural celebrities and elites versed in both Chinese and Western cultures, including Huang Yanpei, Shao Lizi, Jiang Penglin, Ma Heng, Hong Shen, Zhu Qizhan, Zou Taofen, Li Shutong, and Fu Lei.


    Since the mid 20th century, studies in Western cultures have taken root in China, and produced remarkable results. Since China started its reform and opening up program, in particular, Western Studies have come into full bloom, and a remarkable number of learned scholars have made their mark in a certain field of studies in Western philosophy, such as Marxism with Chinese Characteristics, phenomenology, hermeneutics and Neo-Confucianism. That forms a new outlook of cultural and philosophical studies where Chinese and Western cultures are fused and integrated and humanity thoughts are renewed and restructured.


    SJTU is committed to further developing its humanities studies as part of its ambitious master plan to become a world-class comprehensive, research-oriented and internationalized university. SJTU will focus on innovative fields, and facilitate the development of original humanities theories and academic schools that fit in with the latest international trends and the tradition of SJTU. More practically, it will try to gather and cultivate a group of thinkers and academic leaders, and produce a number of academic publications on humanities studies with international influence.


    So IASEC has been established to achieve this goal. IASEC will therefore explore the essence of both Chinese and Western cultures, follow the spirit of the time, and develop original studies in humanities, or “New Humanities”. That is a historic mission for SJTU and IASEC. 


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