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Our Actions


In order fulfill its mission and goals, IASEC will:


1. Develop practical and productive partnerships with central and local governments and other organizations to build up a national Think Tank 


First, IASEC will develop a long-term practical and productive partnership with the Central Compilation & Translation Bureau for the Works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Stalin (CCTB) in academic, cultural and ideological fields.


With the support of the leadership of both sides, most notably President Zhang Jie and Director Yi Junqing of CCTB, a research coalition will be developed between SJTU and CCTB in the study of European culture.


Key partnership projects between SJTU and CCTB will include: 


²  a long-term partnership. Task teams shall be built up which shall include experts from both sides, and implement significant projects;

²  joint research in key fields of European culture. For the purpose of this project, we shall establish productive ties with major European research institutes and academic societies, sharing researchers and information;

²  Jointly sponsored international seminars and other cooperative projects. SJTU, CCTB and European institutions will jointly sponsor seminars and other activities with global influence, such as Seminar on Marxism in Europe and China, and Meeting to Celebrate the 300th Anniversary of Rousseau’s Birth; and

²  Compilation and translation of European masterpieces, including a Collection of Books on European Culture and Translation of Western Classics and Contemporary Works.


Second, IASEC will serve the World Cultural Forum, Taihu, China (TCF), a non-governmental cultural forum at the highest level in China and highly acknowledged by the central government, as its long-standing think tank, and carry out academic researches on commission. This partnership will finally serve the foreign relations of China, and attain leadership in global cultural discourse.


2. Aim at the international academic frontier and expand and deepen its international academic partnerships


IASEC will try to extend its sphere of studies, carry out long-term and sustained basic studies and build up a world-renowned academic platform. Meanwhile, IASEC will advocate international academic exchange and cooperation to promote studies on international affairs, and try to set up cooperative research institutions in Hong Kong, Macao and foreign countries.


According to the development plan of SJTU, IASEC will develop strategic partnerships with top European colleges, universities and research institutions, and build up a transnational interdisciplinary research platform based in SJTU. The platform will support:


²  strategic projects in collaboration with first-class universities and research institutions in Europe;

²  joint academic task teams to resolve certain research issues;

²  collaborative research programs in different research fields;

²  exchange of renowned scholars and professors to give lectures on frontier; and

²  application of research results by governments, other research institutions and social organizations.

At present, IASEC has developed long-term official and unofficial partnerships with overseas institutions as follows:


²  France: IASEC has partnered with a number of French universities and research institutions, including the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, the University of Paris 4 - Sorbonne, the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences (EHESS), the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Cultures (INALCO), Sciences Po-Paris and Paris West University Nanterre-La Défense;

²  Greece: IASEC has developed partnerships with universities and research institutions of Greece, including University of Athens, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Peloponnese  ;

²  Germany: IASEC has long-term ties with German universities and research institutions, including Friedrich Schiller University of Jena, the Institute for Social Research of the Goethe University Frankfurt and Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz; and

UK: IASEC has long-term partnerships with British universities and research institutions, including University of Oxford, University of York, University of Manchester and University of Leeds. 


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