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Our Objectives

        IASEC is basically an interdisciplinary coordinator of SJTU. It will join up with social sciences and humanities colleges and some natural sciences colleges to offer interdisciplinary master, Ph. D and post-doctoral programs, organize themed and ad hoc research activities, and undertake key national and international research projects. IASEC will try to highlight its academic features, enhance its academic advantages, and develop a reputable academic brand. And it will try to achieve three objectives as follows: 1. a national Think Tank and an international base for European studies. Focusing on key issues concerning the development of a moderately prosperous society, IASEC will develop practical and fruitful partnerships with relevant State ministries, local governments and other organizations and form a consortium to offer advices for national decision-making. 2. an academic platform with international influence. IASEC will try to explore international academic frontiers, and on the basis of its long-term and sustained commitment to basic studies, it will extend the sphere of its studies and reach new academic frontiers. In the end, IASEC aims to build up a prestigious academic platform with strong international influence. 3. international academic partnerships. IASEC will expand and deepen its international partnerships to strengthen its studies on international issues. It will try to establish cooperative research institutions in Hongkong, Macao and foreign countries to facilitate international exchange and cooperation.


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