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Our Mission

        Based on the latest academic achievements in humanities and social sciences, IASEC is committed to research and studies on European culture and thoughts in general, and focus especially on the philosophical basis and spiritual core of the European culture. IASEC will be specialized in such basic humanities disciplines as philosophy, history, literature, theology, poetics, anthropology, linguistics, politics and sociology, and the methods it will apply include a combination of basic theories, historical studies and scientific experiments. To facilitate all such studies, IASEC will build up an open-ended transnational interdisciplinary academic platform composed of a central base in SJTU and overseas branches in European universities and research institutions.


    It is no wonder, therefore, that IASEC has started at a very high level with a prestigious internationalized leadership and faculty. In the first instance, on the leadership board of IASEC, Professor Zhang Jie, President of STJU and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, serves as director of the Academic Committee, and Professor Zheng Chengliang, Vice President of STJU, serves as the deputy director. IASEC has also the honor of the presence of Professor Axel Honneth, Director of Social Research Institute of University of Frankfurt, and Professor Julia Kristeva, Director of Literature and Comparative Cultural Research Institute of University of Paris VII, both distinguished international scholars, on its leadership board as Honorary Deans. In addition, IASEC has established Boards of Editors for quadro-lingual international academic journals EUROPEANA and BLUEBOOK ON EUROPE, and set up an offshore editor office in Paris.  


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