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Our Publications

        IASEC pays close attention to academic research and publication, and will try to publish academic articles, monographs and translation of key classics on European culture in the forms of collections, journals, book serials, and translation serials. Within the coming five years, IASEC expects to publish a series of milestone works with lasting academic value such as History of German Philosophy, History of French Philosophy, History of European Aesthetics, History of European Arts, History of European Culture, European Politics and Economy, Comparison of Chinese and Western Aesthetics, Comparison of Chinese and Western Cultures, Comparison of Chinese and Western Arts, and Public Entertainment in Rome. 


1Academic journals


Depending on internal and external resources, IASEC will make efforts to publish and collect the results of research on European culture and thoughts as a way of delivering our research commitment to the government. Such results will include journals of country-specific and themed studies, most importantly Bluebook on Europe, an in-depth analysis of key European cultural issues and a presentation of advices to the government; and Europeana, an annual academic journal of European studies which will very soon become a leading international academic journal on European studies. 


²  Bluebook on Europe is a regular forum published by IASEC that reviews the key annual strategic issues of Europe and will carry the insights of French, German, British and Greek scholars and political celebrities. The journal will finally serve as a think tank for national decision making, providing information and giving advices on national strategies 


²  Europeana is a top academic journal published by IASEC in coalition with famous overseas universities and research institutions. The journal will be published annually in four Chinese, English, French and German, and aims to be a national think tank and an A&HCI journal. Europeana will be based in IASEC and edited by an international board of editors. It will be registered in Paris, France, issued by Presses universitaires de France and distributed internationally by overseas agents. 


²  Studies on Marxist Aesthetics, inaugurated in 1997, is a collection of academic works of modern aesthetics and cultural theories, focusing on Marxist aesthetics, especially Marxist aesthetics in the UK. So far, 17 books have published, and the board of editors includes mostly international big names: Tony Bennett, Arif Dirlik, Terry Eagleton, Aleě Erjavec, Fredric Jameson, Justine O’connor, Wolfgang Welsch, Slavoj Zizek, Julia Kristeva, Mike Sanders and David Anderson.


²  Review of French Thoughts is an academic journal edited by IASEC French Research Institute, and published and distributed by the People’s Press of China.  


2.      Collection of Works on European Culture


Publications of IASEC will also include monographs and translation of works on European culture and thoughts, and it is estimated that 2 to 6 such books will be published each year.  


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